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Neojac Entertainment Inc. Atavism 2 OP Add Multiplayer or Massive Multi player to your game using Atavism 2 On Premises. Host your own serv.. Product #: At_Op_001 based on 0 reviews Regular price: $399.00 $399.00 In Stock
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Add Multiplayer or Massive Multi player to your game using Atavism On Premises. You host the server on your own premises with authoritative backend systems.


Atavism 2 OP Specs:

  • Atavism 2 OP allows 500 Concurrent Users at any time logged in. (The amount of Concurrent Users may be limited by your server hardware resources)
  • Access to all Atavism 2 Versions.
  • Comes with Atavism 2.x server software you can host where ever you want.
  • Comes with Unity Atavism 2.x Editor and demo scene/setup.



  • Requires Unity Free or Pro to run Editor and client.
  • Atavism AGIS Package is required to create plugins for server.
  • Basic knowledge of Unity.
  • Basic Knowledge of networking.

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